Your guide to the local art scene
in Bucharest

What is an


A customized walking tour of independent contemporary art spaces. A guide to the spaces and also the art.

ArtCrawls are like having that artsy friend that takes you to surprising places you wouldn’t have found on your own: alternative exhibition spaces, performances, artist and designer studios, local cafes, shops, fairs and events.

By exploring what the local scene has to offer, you experience a more genuine side of Bucharest and Romania.

In different art spaces, galleries, events or artist studios, depending on what interests you and what is on in town. Theater and performance art can also be a part of the tour.

If you’re traveling from outside Romania and you’re interested in a tour in English, you can book a tour every Wednesday and Thursday, 15:00 to 18:00 PM. People from Bucharest interested in an ArtCrawl can expect dedicated events that usually take place on Saturdays, so we can accommodate everyone’s work schedule. The events for locals will be announced on the ArtCrawl Facebook and Instagram pages.

Keep in mind a tour usually lasts around 3 hours.

How much does it cost?
It’s 25€ per person.

This fee applies to tourists. If you are from Bucharest and you are interested in an ArtCrawl, follow our Facebook and Instagram pages for updates regarding the events we organize for locals or send us an email.

Who is it for?
Anyone. Really! No prior knowledge is needed, genuine curiosity will suffice.

How many people can attend?
A minimum of 2 per group, maximum 10. ArtCrawls are meant for small groups of people, so we can discuss what we see.

What’s included?
The experience of a local who will guide you through art spaces you wouldn’t either find by yourself in Bucharest! Entrance fees, if any, are not included.

We welcome everyone, regardless of age, sex, beliefs, sexual orientation, able-ness or background and will do our best to only include same-minded places in the tours. 🏳️‍🌈🧕🧓🏾🧓🏻🧓🧒🏽🧑‍🍼🧑‍🦽🧏🧑🏿‍🦯🦄
We are doing our best to be inclusive, please mention any specific needs you might have. 

Who will guide you?

Your guide is Bogdan, a cultural worker & art critic. Bogdan is experienced in interacting with the public and his aim is to explain difficult concepts in simple words.

A graduate on Art History & Theory at The National University of Arts Bucharest, he collaborated with Goethe-Institut Bucharest, SAVVY Contemporary (Berlin), National Centre of Dance Bucharest, Oberliht Association (Chișinău), Minitremu Art Camp (Timișoara & Mureș County), and Romanian Pavilion at Venice Biennale. Also he writes for Revista Arta and Blok Magazine.

Book now

Whether you’d like to see current exhibitions, buy from local artists or designers, visit fairs and artsy places or all of the above – just book an ArtCrawl!

Please mind that a tour will be organized only if a minimum of 2 people will request it. The organizer will let you know by email if the group was formed or not.